Platinum Games and Director Hideki Kamiya Announce Project G.G.

[UPDATE] Since publication, Platinum Games as confirmed via its Platinum4 website that its new Tokyo studio is the third part of its Platinum4 project.

At the beginning of the February, Platinum Games launched a teaser site for Platinum4, which was followed by the announcement that the company would be conducting a Kickstarter for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 ports of the Wii U gem The Wonderful 101. Now, the company have given more details on the nature of what it wants to accomplish with Platinum4. Platinum4 seems to elude to four projects the company is working on, with the new ports of The Wonderful 101 being the first of these. And now, the company has revealed what is coming next.

In the most recent issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Platinum Games has announced Project G.G., the company’s newest title which will be directed by Bayonetta and The Wonderful 101 director Hideki Kamiya. The studio has already released a trailer, which can be viewed below.

While details are sparse at the moment, the trailer confirms the game to be another Hideki Kamiya superhero title, and it has a very Ultraman vibe. One can expect it will be another well constructed and robust action title in the Platinum mould.

It will also be a significant release for the company. It recently announced a partnership with the Chinese company Tencent. This news wasn’t warmly welcomed by sceptical fans (not that I can blame them for their scepticism), but it did give a large cash injection to the company. Project G.G. will be the first title which will benefit from this, and it will also be self-published. All of Platinum’s previous games have relied on publisher support, but now it appears it wants to publish its own games moving forward. It’s a huge shift for the company and will give it more creative control over its creations.

Executive Director and Producer Atsushi Inaba also confirmed plans to open a new 100-person studio in Tokyo to work on the game. Currently, a team of only fifteen people are working on the project. We’ll keep you updated on any further developments as more information is revealed.


Source: Siliconera, via Famitsu

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